We understand that everyone is different when it comes to how they handle or react to anesthetics. That’s why we use The Wand™ at Suburban Essex Dental to help reduce anxiety, pain, and fear of surgery

What Is The Wand™?

The Wand™ is a revolutionary new technology that simplifies site-specific anesthetic injections for dental surgeries such as implants and extractions.

What Are the Benefits of Using The Wand™ vs.Traditional Methods?

Using The Wand™ at Suburban Essex Dental has proven to be an amazing help in easing the fears of dental surgery patients.

It is both quick and efficient, without leaving any unpleasant aftereffects. If you or your child has a fear of needles or the dentist, The Wand™ can help ease these fears and reduce stress.

This new method for delivering local anesthesia for surgical procedures comes with an incredible list of benefits:

  • Virtually painless needle insertion for enhanced patient comfort.
  • Eliminates primary reason for patient pain and discomfort.
  • Superb tactile feel and sensitivity.
  • Reduces anxiety, fear, and stress for the patient.
  • Often eliminates the need for topical anesthetic.
  • Exact pin-point accuracy.
  • Greatly reduced anesthetic dosages required.
  • Absolutely no waiting for anesthesia to take effect.
  • No facial numbness – no numbing of lips, cheeks, jaw, etc..

So, if you’ve been avoiding that dental procedure because you’re afraid of needles, or just simply don’t have the time to wait for the numbness to wear off, now is the time to make that appointment.

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