Choose a safer, more effective tooth whitening service

When you look in the mirror, are you happy with your smile? How about when you wear white? Yellow teeth can cause a person to feel displeased with their smile, and it’s all the more noticeable when you wear white. But, before you go shopping for an over the counter whitener, consider this:

Over the counter kits, while they can be an easy, affordable option, aren’t always the best option, especially since they’re not custom made. These kits are more likely to cause gum irritation because they’re not fitted to your mouth. Plus, they are often not as strong, since a dentist isn’t monitoring the solution used.

When you see a dentist with your whitening needs, you can get a kit customized for you. This means it will be the right fit for your mouth. It will also have varying strengths to meet your needs. These kits are perfectly designed for you, not like the over the counter options.

Afraid it won’t be convenient? Let go of those fears immediately. Teeth whitening doesn’t have to be done in the dentist’s chair. We offer teeth whitening consultations and in-home teeth bleaching kits. Your experience is both customized and convenient.

The benefit of going to a dentist vs. an over the counter kit is expertise and comfort. Your dentist will be able to offer an option that fits your needs, making whitening a more comfortable process. Plus, when you purchase a kit from us, we offer professional supervision and checkups. This can ensure that you get your greatest level of whitening, while at the same time keeping your teeth healthy.

Are you ready to get a whiter smile? Don’t run to your local store and waste your money; instead, contact us at Suburban Essex Dental. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and give you a brighter smile.

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