Dr. Feldman and the entire team here at Suburban Essex Dental are proud to offer the latest in cutting-edge dental technology. We specialize in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers and will work our hardest to make you proud of your smile!

Dr. Feldman and the team at Suburban Essex Dental are trained to make you as comfortable as possible. We provide services that are specifically designed to make your dental experiences with us as positive and pain free as possible. Procedures that traditionally required painful drilling can now be completed with a laser; local anesthetics no longer leave you numb for hours; and crowns, fillings bridges can be completed and placed in a single office visit.

From digital X-Rays to same-day procedures, our goal is to bring you peace of mind when it comes to all of your dental needs. We have a number of in-house, cutting-edge technologies at our fingertips, so that when you have a problem, we can provide solutions that make sense!

Struggling with any of these dental problems? We can help!
Discolored or stained teeth
Misaligned teeth
Minor gaps
Crookedness, tilting or crowding
Chips, fractures or cracks

Services & Solutions
The Wand (TM): State-of-the-art injection technology.
E4D Same Day Dentistry: Same-day crowns, fillings and veneers with E4D Dentist (TM) system.
Digital X-Rays: Digital X-Ray sensors same time and digitally enhance images.
Cone Beam Scan: Diagnosing from a 3D image allows for highest levels of treatment and diagnostics.
Laser Dentistry: Reduces discomfort and minimizes bleeding and swelling.
CAD/CAM Dentistry: Computer-aided design and manufacturing improves the design and creation of dental restorations like crowns, veneers and bridges.

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