Ease Chronic Joint & Jaw Pain with TMJ Therapy

The comprehensive TMJ therapy solutions at Suburban Essex Dental can help you not only ease chronic pain, but also preserve the integrity of your smile.

Because TMJ can be caused by many different teeth and mouth related tendencies, it is very important to catch and correct TMJ early to avoid doing serious damage your pearly whites.

What Is TMJ Syndrome?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is an overarching term that refers to pain or dysfunction within the muscles and joints that move your jaw.

These muscles are important to maintain a healthy, daily life and come into play when you eat, talk, or brush your teeth.

If left untreated for too long, TMJ syndrome can cause irreversible damage to your bones, teeth, and nerves. This is where gentle and thorough TMJ therapy and treatments come in.

What Can Cause TMJ Syndrome?

While TMJ can sometimes be caused by a situation unrelated to your teeth, it is often triggered by damage caused to your teeth or a consistent habit that you don’t realize you are doing.

Some examples of activities that can cause TMJ are:

  • Injuries to the teeth or jaw.
  • A misalignment of the teeth or jaw
  • Consistent teeth grinding.
  • Poor posture.
  • Stress.
  • Arthritis.
  • Gum chewing.

If you are experiencing or participating in any of these activities, call your dentist or doctor for a TMJ therapy review.

How Can TMJ Treatments Help Me?

If you catch TMJ early on if can sometimes be treated in the home with ice packs and taking it easy. But, if home remedies don’t work, or your TMJ has progressed, you may be in need of a dedicated TMJ therapy treatment.

While TMJ therapy may not necessarily cure your symptoms, they can definitely ease the pain in both short term and long term, and save your teeth.

At Suburban Essex Dental, we offer TMJ treatments that include dental splints and bite guards that help reduce the stress on your mandibular joints. These bite guards help align your teeth and reduce grinding at night.

If you think that you’re in need of a dental TMJ treatment or therapy, give us a call today!

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