A cone beam scan is a revolutionary, and valuable piece of dental technology that is traditionally used to guide dental implant surgery. The use of this new technology helps make the implant procedure easier, faster, more predictable, and much less traumatic for the patient.

Now, a dental implant procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes through the use of the cone beam scan technology.

How Does a Cone Beam Scan Work?

A cone beam scan (cone beam computerized tomography)  works very similarly to a CAT scan and produces a 3-D x-ray image of the area.

Unlike a traditional dental x-ray; a cone beam scan shows bones, teeth, soft tissues, and nerve pathways. Because of this, it tends to paint a much more detailed picture of what your dental health looks like. This complete picture can help a trained dental professional better plan your treatment based on the way your face is structured, and the way.

The immediate benefits of using a cone beam scan vs. a traditional x-ray are:

  • High-resolution imagery
  • Images bone and soft tissue at the same time.
  • Provides far more information for more precise treatment.
  • Several angles are achieved in a single scan.
  • Painless, non-invasive, and completely accurate.

If you’re scheduled for an implant surgery, make sure to remove any metal jewelry.

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