Four Snacks for Better Dental Health

Dental health isn’t just about how often you brush or floss your teeth (although that can be a large part of it), it’s also about what you eat. We know that foods and drinks high in sugar can be cavity city; however, there are also foods that can make your teeth and gums happy.

Consider these four snack foods for better dental health:


Yogurt is high in two things that are great for bone health: calcium and protein. It also contains probiotics (good bacteria). This can help your mouth stay more occupied by good bacteria instead of bad bacteria that causes cavities.


Apples may contain that sugary element; however, they are also packed full of water and fiber. Eating apples can help your mouth produce saliva, rinsing out food particles or bacteria left behind.


Celery may not be on the top of your list for flavorful snacks, but it is low calorie, and can remove bacteria from your teeth. Plus, you can amp up the flavor with cream cheese or ranch dressing. Celery also contains some helpful antioxidants that can be good for your gums.


These low sugar snacks are an excellent choice. They pack protein and calcium. Plus, it’s easy to grab a handful on the run.

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