pretty elegant woman hand on sensitive teeth partYou love your smile and you want it to stay looking great. You might whiten it to keep it shining and do everything to help prevent cavities. But, what about chips and cracks? How can you help protect your teeth from breaking?

There are several things that could put your teeth at risk. Certain foods, for example, can pose a potential threat. Most of the culprits are hard foods — bone-in meats, hard candy, frozen foods, nuts, and popcorn kernels. You also want to watch out for pits in fruits or olives. Although it’s not a food, ice can also pose a significant risk. It’s best to avoid chewing on ice altogether if you want to prevent chips and cracks. You may also want to be watchful of caramels, which can pull and tug on the surface of a tooth.

It’s not just what you chew that can cause a chip or crack though. There are other ways you can harm your teeth. If you or your kids play sports, for example, make sure that a mouth guard is always in place. It’s helpful for contact and non-contact sports. Even if there isn’t contact, you could slip or fall on the court.

Be careful in everything you do. Sometimes chips and cracks happen because we’re not paying attention. For example, a chip could result from bringing a glass up to your mouth to drink and hitting your tooth. Pay extra attention and be aware of your surroundings to help avoid accidents. Also, whatever you do, don’t use your teeth to open anything. This can certainly pose a risk of chipping or cracking.

Help your teeth stay strong. The weaker your teeth are, the more prone they are to cracking or chipping. Take care of them, get regular cleanings, and brush and floss. If you grind your teeth at night, get a bite plate and find ways to reduce stress to reduce the chance of grinding.

You may not be able to avoid every chip or crack, but you can take steps to help lower your risk. If you do end up with a chip or crack, contact us so we can bring your smile back to beautiful.

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