Attractive couple talking in a coffee shopWhether you’re trying to make new friends or you’re looking for a relationship, making a great first impression is pretty paramount. Because everyone knows it can be difficult to make a new impression after that first one. So, how do you ensure your first encounter is a good one?

People are generally attracted to others who show an interest in them. When you ask them questions and give them time to talk, you’ll leave them with an impression that you’d make a good friend or significant other. However, when you make the conversation just about you, it can leave a bad impression, and leave you without a lot of friends. Balancing out a conversation is the best strategy, allowing each of you some time for conversing.

Finding common ground can help you relate on a more personal level too. Also, be careful of complaining, and focus more on positivity. You want to come off as warm, not angry or callous. People can get turned off by too much negativity.

Make sure to give eye contact to the person you’re talking with and shine your smile. Eye contact shows you’re listening and a smile is not only attractive, but gives the impression that you’re a friendly person. Also, be careful about what cues you’re sending out with your nonverbal communication. You don’t want to come off cold, insecure, or arrogant. Show interest when someone is talking by nodding your head with the appropriate facial expression. Be careful of crossing arms or looking down at the floor. Crossing your arms can say you have your walls up and looking down can show insecurity. You want to come off as an open and warm person.

It can be nerve wracking trying to make a great first impression, but with the right tools you can pull it off every time. Take these tips with you during your next encounters and make new relationships blossom.

If chipped, crooked, or dull teeth are keeping you from smiling big, contact us. We’ll get your smile back to bright and shining so you can win every first impression.

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