24799766_SHave you ever thought about how many things you couldn’t do if you didn’t have any teeth? Let’s make a quick list:

First off, eating would be a struggle. Okay, if your favorite foods are mashed potatoes, pudding and soup, then you might be okay. But if you enjoy the crunch of an apple or carrot or the smoky flavor of those barbecued ribs, then your teeth make eating much easier.

Smiling, frowning or making any other kind of facial expression would be difficult. Why? Because your teeth provide structural support for your face. Without that support the only thing your face would be doing is looking sad.

Third, our speech would be terrible. Your teeth help form words by controlling the air in your mouth. No teeth means making yourself understood could be difficult. You can add biting, whistling and, a big fan favorite, kissing to the list of things that teeth help us do.

The only plus to the whole no teeth situation? You could save a few minutes every morning and evening by not having to brush your teeth. (Although you would still want to swish around some mouthwash to get rid of that morning breath!) Worth it, right? Probably not. Bottom line: Your teeth are important. Brush them, floss them and come get them cleaned! All of us at Suburban Essex Dental look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

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