5 Scary Root Canal Myths That Simply Aren’t True
5 Scary Root Canal Myths That Simply Aren't True

5 Scary Root Canal Myths That Simply Aren’t True

When it comes to dental procedures, root canals are among the most feared. So, if your dentist has recommended this treatment to correct a diseased tooth, you may have some anxiety about the process. Much of the fear associated with root canals is based on rumors and hearsay, so it is important to separate fact from fiction. By identifying some of the most common root canal myths, you can feel more comfortable about the procedure.

Myth: It is Better to Simply Pull the Tooth

If you’ve heard that extraction is a better option than root canal treatment, you are not alone. Many people believe that pulling a tooth is a better option in terms of long-term oral health, cost, and discomfort during the procedure.

The fact is that extraction should always be the last resort. Without additional treatment, an extracted tooth could lead to oral health problems like jaw bone loss and shifting teeth. Plus, these restorations tend to be more expensive than a root canal, so retaining your natural tooth is almost always preferred.

Myth: Root Canal Therapy Leads to the Death of the Tooth

Despite what many people believe, root canal treatment doesn’t kill the infected tooth. This therapy actually works to do just the opposite. Your dentist will make a hole in the crown in order to remove the diseased pulp. Then, the canal is filled with a putty-like substance known as gutta-percha.

Finally, the tooth is sealed, and a crown will be placed over the affected tooth to protect it against bacteria. This allows the tooth to retain its original structure and function indefinitely.

Myth: A Root Canal is Just a Short-Term Fix

Root canal therapy is a long-term treatment. Not only will it relieve your toothache, but it can help to preserve your tooth over time. In fact, the lifetime success rate for a root canal is about 85%. So, while there is no guarantee that a problem will not develop later or that a crown might need to be replaced, the risk is quite low.

Myth: There is Nothing More Painful than a Root Canal

Root canals often strike fear into the hearts of dental patients due to the perceived pain they inflict. Fortunately, advances in dental technology and sedation have made the procedure more comfortable than ever.

Most dental patients report that the discomfort associated with a root canal is no worse than having a simple cavity filled. However, if you are especially concerned about your comfort level or suffer from dental anxiety, your dentist may be able to provide additional medication to help you feel better.

Myth: If the Tooth Doesn’t Hurt, Then Don’t Worry About It

For some people, pain isn’t a symptom of a diseased tooth. So, if your dentist tells you that you need a root canal, you might not understand the urgency. Some people believe that if a tooth doesn’t hurt, then treatment isn’t necessary. In reality, a lack of pain may be a sign of severe damage, potentially even death of the nerve. Failure to treat the tooth at this stage could result in extraction.

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You don’t have to be afraid of your upcoming root canal procedure. By dispelling some common root canal myths, you’ll feel more confident about your treatment and the health of your teeth. Finding an experienced dentist who is a professional in root canals is important.  Suburban Essex Dental, West Orange, NJ has years of experience and is highly known within the area for its expert care and professionalism.

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