If you’ve ever been to the dentist for a checkup, you probably remember dental x-rays being clunky and uncomfortable. Now, digital x-rays can give us a clear picture of the state of your teeth in seconds, with less radiation and in high resolution.

What Can A Digital X-Ray Do For My Dental Health?

Digital dental x-rays are exactly that, x-rays of your teeth. Because the waves of radiation that an x-ray uses can pass through your cheek and gums, it bounces off the dense bone of your teeth and jaw to show us everything.

X-rays let us see whether your teeth are healthy, or have decay forming inside them that can’t be seen by the naked eye quite yet. This means that we can catch cavities before they cause too much damage to your teeth, bone, and tissues.

What’s the Difference Between a Digital X-Ray and Traditional?

Traditionally, dental x-rays were on film and took time to develop and provide insight into your dental health. However, new digital dental x-rays take only seconds to provide a clear picture.

Although digital x-rays are still only visible in 2-D, they are available in much higher resolution and produce lower levels of radiation.

Ask About Our Digital X-Ray Options for Your Next Dental Visit.