Custom Sports Mouth Guards

shutterstock_131180210No matter what age you are or what sport you participate in, having a professional, custom sports mouth guard is very important. Even if your particular sport isn’t very rough, accidents can happen.

Why Are Sports Mouthguards Important?

A customized sports mouth guard can help protect your teeth and tongue in the event of a collision of any sort. Add an extra layer of protection when you or your young athlete are out on the field.

At Suburban Essex Dental, we use PlaySafe® sports mouth guards which are suggested for both amateur and professional athletes of all types. Wearing your sports mouthguard can help prevent lost or fractured teeth, and allow a player who wears braces extra protection.

Easily Customizable and Ultra-Comfortable

Each PlaySafe® sports mouthguard is customized for you by your dentist. After an impression is made of your mouth, the mouth guard is created in a laboratory using a super durable and comfortable laminated ethylvinylacetate material.

Because each mouth guard is custom made for you, they’re much more comfortable and offer a better fit than the traditional boil-and-bite options. Plus, they’re available in six different levels of protection and available in lots of fun colors! With a PlaySafe® sports mouth guard any athlete is not only protected but can also express their own personality!

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