Best Dentist in Essex County NJ
Best Dentist in Essex County NJ

Looking For The Best Dentist in Essex County NJ?

Whether you have just moved to Essex County or you have lived in the area for some time but want to find a new dentist, consider Suburban Essex Dental. This dental practice services patients of all ages and provides the latest technology to perform dental procedures that improve aesthetics and oral health.

Below we list just a few services that Dr. Paul Feldman, known by many as the “best dentist in Essex County, NJ” offers. If you do not see what you need, please feel free to browse our website navigation to see all.


Children take time to develop healthy oral hygiene, so sealants are an ideal way to protect a child’s teeth to prevent cavities. Suburban Essex Dental installs the sealants once a child’s “adult” molars come in. A sealant is made from thin plastic and is placed on the top of molars to fill in the grooves of the teeth.

The sealant prevents bacteria and food particles from settling on the teeth and causing cavities or decay. Teeth sealants are an ideal way to maintain and improve oral health and are an effective treatment for preventing dental caries in childhood and into adulthood.

Sealants are a preferred treatment among patients because they are relatively affordable and the installation procedure is painless. Sealants are applied quickly, and anesthesia or drilling is not required. Sealants are also paid for by most dental insurance.

Oral Cancer Screening

The team at Suburban Essex Dental understands that it can always be scary to discuss cancer, let alone receive a cancer screening. However, testing for oral cancer can put a patient’s mind at ease and inform patients about methods for treating and preventing disease.

Oral cancer can develop because of personal hygiene and habits, including smoking or regular tobacco use. Excessive drinking can also cause oral cancer, and adults with unhealthy diets are at risk for oral cancer as well. These are some of the reasons regular screenings are essential to maintaining oral health.

Patients who undergo the cancer screening process at Suburban Essex Dental can expect a painless and quick experience. Patients are encouraged to get a screening every six months, and the testing takes place at the same time as a routine dental checkup. Patients who are experiencing oral cancer symptoms should contact Suburban Essex Dental right away.

Symptoms of oral cancer show up subtly, and many people confuse them with fatigue or stress. However, these minor symptoms can sometimes lead to serious health issues. Symptoms include white or red sores on the gums, constant hoarseness or a sore throat.

A lump in the throat that remains after swallowing and pain in one or both ears are possible oral cancer symptoms as well. Inflammation anywhere in the mouth, as well as difficulty talking, chewing and swallowing could be an indication that patients should receive a cancer screening right away.

Even if patients are not experiencing oral cancer symptoms, routine screenings are best to detect any possible signs of health issues.

Contact The Best Dentist in Essex County, NJ: Suburban Essex Dental

Dr. Paul Feldman has been recognized as one of NJ’s top dentists and works with a skilled group of professionals.

From pediatric dentistry to dental procedures for senior citizens, Suburban Essex Dental possesses the technology and expertise to ensure that all patients are proud of their smiles. Regular checkups include thorough teeth cleanings, an inspection of the teeth, gums, and tongue, and recommendations for further treatment if necessary.

Technology like The Wand is also included in many major dental procedures to ensure that implants, cavity treatment, and other major dental work. The Wand is an advanced anesthetic treatment to make dental procedures as comfortable as possible.

The Suburban Essex team understands that visiting the dentist can be scary, and strives to make children and adults alike feel more relaxed during appointments. Contact Suburban Essex Dental today for a consultation for a dental procedure or to make a procedural appointment or checkup.

Join the long list of happy patients who say that Dr. Paul Feldman is the “best dentist in Essex County, NJ.”