Dental Implants Benefits & Advantages
Dental Implants Benefits & Advantages

Dental Implants Benefits? What is all the hype?

Are you aware of dental implants benefits and advantages?

Conversations about dental implants are everywhere. There are advertisements on TV all about dental implants. You may also have heard about dental implants on the radio. The information on dental implants in commercials say that they greatly improve the overall dental health of people. People also report having more confidence than they have had in a while because of their dental implants.

However, do dental implants really live up to the hype? Can dental implants repair your smile and boost your confidence? Yes, they can. Dental implants can make you look and feel like a completely different person.

This article offers you some information about dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a new generation of permanent teeth replacement. In the past, people wore dentures. Dentures replaced all the teeth in your jaw, even those that were healthy and uninjured. People who wore dentures would have to have a dentist pull all their teeth. This was because the dentist would have to fit an upper plate or a lower plate into the patient’s mouth.

Dentures were important for people to replace missing or broken teeth. However, researchers have found that instead of working to keep your jaw and gums healthy, they hurt your mouth. Over time, dentures can lead to deterioration of the jawline and a loss of bone. This led to the invention of dental implants.

The Advantage of Dental Implants

Instead of replacing an entire set of teeth, dental implants can replace one tooth, or several teeth, at a time. Instead of taking them out or trying to eat foods that are difficult to eat with dentures, implants are different. Dental implants look and feel more like real teeth. People who don’t have implants find it hard to tell the difference between a dental implant and real teeth. You look and feel more natural.

The best part is that dental implants save your jaw from decay, which dentures can’t do. That’s because dentists screw the implants into the gumline. And, because they become part of the gum line, implants keep your gums healthy. This means that your jawbone doesn’t deteriorate, and that saves your jaw. Implants also mean you don’t have to remove part of your teeth during surgery. You don’t even have to take them out to soak at night!

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

Implants are a type of minor surgery that a dentist can complete in his or her office. The dentist numbs the patient’s jaw and makes an incision to expose the jawbone. Then, he or she screws the implant into the bone. The dentist can do the procedure one tooth at a time, or he or she can place several teeth. The dentist places the gums back over the implant or implants. He or she might need to use a stitch or two to close the gum line.

Then, the patient can begin to heal. The dentist selects the implants to match the patient’s original teeth. This means if you get implants, your implants will feel much like your original teeth. You may even forget you have implanted teeth after a while.

Learn More About The Dental Implants Benefits and Advantages

Would you like to learn more about dental implants benefits & advantages? Are you thinking about getting dental implants? We would love to talk to you. Dental implants can change your life, especially if you have missing, cracked or chipped teeth.

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