Flossing and Pancreatic Cancer Risk Might Be Linked Together
Flossing and Pancreatic Cancer Risk Might Be Linked Together

Flossing May Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk

A look at the significance of flossing daily to decrease the risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that flossing and pancreatic cancer risk might be linked together. This provides everyone with an option that they can use to lower their personal risk of developing this cancer during their lifetime.

The fact that flossing and pancreatic cancer risk could be linked is important because this disease has no reliable cure. In fact, even the likelihood of remission is poor due to the insidious nature of this deadly cancer.

The Act of Flossing and Pancreatic Cancer Risk

The relationship between flossing and pancreatic cancer risk is an important one that deserves further exploration. Flossing is important for the health of a person’s gums and teeth simply because it removes food particles and plaque. This prevents tartar, which is hardened plaque, from forming. Both plaque and tartar breed bacteria, which are thought to be responsible for this insidious disease.

Flossing on a daily basis prevents this type of bacterial growth, and it might possibly lower an individual’s risk of developing this type of cancer. If flossing and pancreatic cancer risks are linked together, it is possible that some people might avoid this disease entirely.

Are There Other Links Besides Flossing and Pancreatic Cancer Risk?

Flossing And Pancreatic Cancer Risk Might Be Linked Together

Scientific studies have discovered that other causal factors might be involved in the likelihood of developing this disease. In particular, Type 2 diabetes and chronic pancreatitis are thought to increase the risk of getting this type of cancer. Addiction to tobacco and/or alcohol is also indicative of a higher risk of getting it. Studies are needed to determine whether the link between flossing and pancreatic cancer risk makes a difference when these other factors are involved.

Body-wide Infections and the Link Between Flossing and Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Some studies have posited the idea that body-wide infections cause a response that affects the pancreas. The suggestion is that the infection triggers the development of pancreatic cancer by causing a change in the cells of the pancreas.

If this is true, then the relationship between flossing and pancreatic cancer risk should be considered carefully. Even if daily flossing only lowers the risk by a small percentage, it is worth it given the consequences of developing pancreatic cancer.

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