Foods That Help Promote Whiter Teeth
foods that help promote whiter teeth

Food That Promote Whiter TeethPromote Whiter Teeth by Eating These Foods

Numerous things can stain your teeth. Teeth can yellow with age, and tobacco use can also be a big culprit in yellowing teeth. What you consume can make a difference in your teeth’s appearance, too! Some foods can cause stains, while others can actually help reduce your risk of stains and promote whiter teeth.

Drinks like coffee, soda and tea may taste good, but they can also leave you with a yellow smile. Of course, sugary sweets aren’t so good for keeping your teeth looking great either. But, don’t fret, there are plenty of foods that can be beneficial to your mouth and your teeth.

Foods That Help Promote Whiter Teeth

Fruits and Vegetables

One of the ways to help cut down on stains is to eat foods that create more saliva output. For example, foods that are sour (like grapefruit) tend to cause more saliva production. Also, If foods take longer to chew, you’ll be likely to use more saliva. Foods such as cauliflower, celery, carrot sticks and apples can all help in this way. Plus, biting into these foods, since they’re hard, may help remove some bacteria from your teeth.


Dairy can also be beneficial for your teeth, and not just because of the calcium content. Cheese is another food that can boost saliva production and hard cheese can require more chewing, just as some of the other hard foods above. Dairy also contains lactic acid, which can be beneficial in promoting cleaner, whiter teeth.

Get Whiter Teeth That Result in a Beautiful Smile

By staying away from things that are known for causing stains and consuming foods that can help keep your teeth clean, you can promote whiter teeth resulting in a beautiful smile. However, when you find your teeth are looking less than their best, we hope you’ll contact us. We can provide you with a professional whitening service to get those teeth shining bright again!