The Ancient Practice Of Oil Pulling
The Ancient Practice Of Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

Most of us have checked our tongues in the morning and noticed a thick coat of yellowish-white at the back of our throats. A quick Google search will tell you those are toxins, and it is essential to clean your mouth thoroughly to get rid of them before they get redigested.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is the best way to extract those toxins, clean your teeth, and floss at the same time. Every oil pull session feels like you just exited the dentist’s office, and your teeth are shimmering. Also, if you are consistent with it, you will begin to notice significant improvements in your teeth’ color. Some people have even claimed that oil pulling closes up small cavities!


Oil pulling was used in India about 4000 years ago by Ayurvedic practitioners. Ayurveda looks to bring balance with the self and the energies around us, and oil pulling is one of its mechanisms to help us release and eliminate toxins.

In theory, you can use any oil, but it is recommended you stick to plant-based ones such as coconut oil, sesame oil, or olive oil. Traditionally Indians would use sesame oil, but many people seem to enjoy coconut oil the most. Not to mention the many benefits of coconut oil.

How is it done?

To oil pull you put about half a tablespoon of oil in your mouth (some people prefer to use less), and swoosh it around for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes seems like a lot, but you have to trust in this time! The idea behind it is that you use the oil to pick up oil soluble elements in your mouth. While you are swooshing, the oil wipes out bacteria and toxins and washes them away. Make sure to push the oil through your teeth to get the flossing action! It is imperative that you do not swallow the oil. The oil is now full of toxins and dead bacteria and redigesting that could even make you sick. Once your 20 minutes are up, spit out the oil, rinse your mouth, and brush your teeth. Your teeth will feel like new!

Are you still hung up on the 20 minutes? You can oil pull for as little as 5 minutes and still receive amazing benefits. Twenty minutes is for complete and thorough cleaning and is only necessary every once in a while. Start low and build up as time passes, and you get used to the feeling. Habits are built slowly, be patient!

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