The Dental Wand
the dental wand

The Wand  

One of the things that people fear the most about going to the dentist is the dental needle (or syringe). These sharp needles look scary enough to a patient; they can also cause a lot of pain and tissue damage if used improperly. Fortunately, the days of the scary needles are coming to an end. Dentists are increasingly using a revolutionary instrument called “the wand,” and dental wand reviews are effusive in their praise.

What is a dental wand?

A dental wand is a computer-controlled anesthetic device that allows dentists to deliver anesthetic painlessly and at a very precise rate. Although it is made to replace the dental needle, it doesn’t look like a needle at all. Rather, it resembles a miniature computer tower. At the top of the tower is a cartridge filled with local anesthetic which is connected by a tube to a pen-like hand piece that has a tiny needle at one end.

How is the wand used?

First, the dentist makes sure that the cartridge has the necessary amount of anesthetic. He then starts the computer by pressing a switch or stepping on a foot pedal. He holds the hand piece in his hand and administers the anesthetic. The flow of the anesthetic is controlled by the computer.

The wand works at a low pressure, delivering the anesthetic at a slow and steady rate, which results in a more pleasant experience for the patient. Some wands come with two or three different speeds so that the dentist can deliver the anesthetic at a speed he feels is just right.

Is the dental wand painful?

You might be wondering how the dental wand can cause no pain when there is a needle at its business end. But what you may not know is that the pain is actually caused by the anesthetic being delivered with too much force or too quickly and not by the needle. At the hand of a practiced dentist, even a traditional injection can be painless.

All that the patient feels is a faint prick of the tiny needle when it pierces the skin. Afterward, you will experiences no pain, no tissue damage, and no swelling. This is why both the dentists and their patients love the wand.

What are the advantages of the wand?

The wand has several advantages over the traditional dental needle.

  • Anesthetic delivery is painless: As mentioned earlier, the delivery of anesthetic is painless. Patients will feel at ease when they know that they will experience no pain. Traditional dental needles often cause pain and tissue damage, but the wand ensures painless dental injections.
  • It has a cute and harmless appearance: The wand looks cute and harmless, which works to boost confidence and reduce anxiety, fear, and stress in the patient. In contrast the very sight of a traditional needle is enough to give many patients a fright.
  • Exact pinpoint accuracy: The wand delivers the exact amount of anesthetic to make the area numb. This is often not the case with the traditional needle since only a highly experienced dentist can give the exact amount of anesthetic.
  • No waiting time for anesthesia to take effect: Since the wand delivers the exact amount of anesthetic required, there will be no waiting for the anesthesia to take effect.
  • No facial numbness: When dental needles are used, patients often experience facial numbness after the surgery. The wand eliminates this problem. The patient does not experience numbing of the lips, cheeks, jaws, and other parts of the face.

The dental wand has become a true blessing for patients as well as dentists. If you are going to the dentist, make sure he specializes in dental wand anesthesia.

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