Toothaches: Dental Health Facts
Toothaches: Dental Health Facts

Toothaches: Dental Health Facts You Should Know

You may think you appreciate everything necessary to care for your teeth and avoid toothache. After all, most people recognize regular hygiene habits are vital as healthy gum and teeth maintenance. You might not have heard of these dental health facts, though.

Carbohydrates Trigger Cavities

Sugar creates tooth cavities, but the bacteria that eat carbohydrates can be to blame too. They produce tooth-rotting acid that ruins your molars. Carbohydrates contribute to health, and you need not quit eating them to save your teeth. Just consume them in single sittings rather than eat carb-based snacks on and off during the day.

The longer you expose your teeth to carbohydrates, the more they may suffer from problems.

Baby Teeth are Valuable

People often overlook the importance of caring for their baby’s teeth and only focus on their permanent teeth. But, yikes. Have you considered what will happen if you have no second teeth? The baby’s teeth will need to last forever under such circumstances. Unfortunately, people sometimes make do with an incomplete second set. Also, unhealthy baby teeth reduce the health and straightness of the following permanent teeth, so treat them without care at your peril.

If you endure tooth cavities as a kid, later, the condition of your mature teeth will doubtless follow suit. Unhealthy childhood teeth often create a matching problem in second teeth.

Toothaches: Dental Health Facts, Baby Teeth

Flossing Reduces Tooth Decay

We often consider flossing less vital than tooth brushing. But you need to remove the food particles between your teeth to maintain dental health, and flossing does a better job than your toothbrush. Food stuck between teeth can go rotten and cause cavities.

Acidic Drinks Harm Tooth Enamel

Maybe you realize dental problems arise if you over-consume soft drinks and sip them, exposing your teeth to them too often. Perhaps you imagine switching to a citrus drink is better for your dental health, but citrus beverages eat into tooth enamel and make more cavities. Drinking them is okay if you swish your mouth with water to remove them from your teeth after consuming them, though.

Toothaches: Dental Health Facts

Tooth Grinding Produces Root Infections

People often assume inadequate tooth brushing causes infected root canals, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes tooth grinding produces root maladies. If you grind your teeth, possibly, you’re unaware of your habit because it happens when you sleep.

Get your partner to stop you if they notice the problem, or try a mouth guard if you suspect you gnash your teeth at night.

Learn More About Toothaches

Consult with a top-rated dentist to learn more about the best dental care practices to reduce behaviors that cause toothaches, tooth cavities and other ailments, save money, and prevent painful toothache. If you take care of your teeth, they are more likely to last a lifetime while looking beautiful as well.

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