7 Tips for a Beautiful and Brilliant White Smile

Tips for a Beautiful and Brilliant White Smile

“I want a beautiful and brilliant white smile.”

We hear this frequently at Suburban Essex Dental and we have developed a list of seven tips that will help you develop and maintain your beautiful, brilliant smile.

1. Oral health care

This one is pretty obvious, but enough Americans (62%) have mild to severe periodontal disease, so suggesting routine oral hygiene isn’t a bad start. Dentists recommend that every person brush at least twice a day, flosses at least twice a day, and rinses with a mouth rinse as needed. Eliminating bad enamel-destroying bacteria from your mouth will keep that protective outer layer shiny, strong, and white.

2. Teeth whitening

There are several at-home remedies and kits that you can purchase, from whitening gels, light treatments, or even chemical whiteners. We recommend being careful with each of these methods because if used incorrectly they can work for you negatively instead of in a positive way. If you want professional teeth whitening, then be sure to call Suburban Essex Dental and learn more about our teeth whitening services and start you on your way to having a brilliant white smile.

3. Invisalign

A beautiful smile is more than just the color. You can have a bright white smile, but if you suffer from teeth crowding, overbite, or crooked teeth then it’s just a new color on an unfinished project. Invisalign is a great way to work on both the color and alignment of your teeth to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. The invisible plastic trays slowly correct your teeth while avoiding two years with a mouth full of metal braces.

4. Avoid Staining Drinks

Everyone wants white teeth, but even if you tell them millions of times that wine, coffee, tea, and dark soft drinks stain their teeth, they will continue to drink these liquids. There are a few ways to make this not as bad. Drinking staining drinks through a straw so they mostly bypass your pearly whites is one way. Another option is to brush your teeth after consuming those beverages. The best option is to do both! You don’t want those liquids sitting on your teeth to stain them further.

5. Drink Water

Doesn’t this seem to be the cure for everything from headaches to leg cramps? Your oral health can also benefit from drinking more water. Drinking a glass of water after a meal can help wash away any staining materials as well as acids or sugars that love to eat away the enamel on our teeth. While most dentists request that you brush your teeth after every meal, they will settle for simply swishing with water. It’s so simple, don’t forget!

6. Eat raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables

Packing a lunch? Make sure to eat your apple last because the crunchy texture and effort it takes to chew an apple are like actually brushing your teeth. All that chewing forces your saliva glands into overdrive and helps wash away those annoying staining bacteria. Try broccoli, apples, celery, and kale to not only wash away bacteria but also give your teeth more nutrients for the support!

7. Replace your toothbrush

Everyone knows you are supposed to throw out a toothbrush after having the flu, a stomach bug, or a cold, but did you know the common shelf life of a toothbrush is closer to three months? How long have you had your toothbrush? The longer you use the same brush, the more you reintroduce old bacteria to your mouth again and again. This can cause the bacteria to get stronger and cling to teeth. Replacing your brush every three months can help your smile stay healthy and bright.

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