Benefits and Why Water Is Good For Oral Health
Benefits and Why Water Is Good For Oral Health

Benefits and Why Water Is Good For Oral Health

You know that drinking water is good for your overall health. It keeps you hydrated, helps you focus, and supports several of your body’s daily functions – but is drinking water good for your teeth and gums too?

You may not have considered how your water intake affects your oral health, but it does. If you tend to drink sugary drinks like soda or juice, your teeth’s enamel may be suffering.

Drinking more water, especially tap water because it has fluoride, can help protect your teeth from cavities and keep your smile shining bright.

Keep reading to learn a few of the benefits and why water is good for oral health.

Why Water is Good

Strengthen Your Teeth

You may not have considered the benefits of water for your dental health. So, what happens to your teeth when you drink water?

When you hydrate with water that has helpful levels of fluoride, you are drinking the same mineral that dentists use to protect and clean your teeth.

Most tap water has a healthy amount of fluoride. By drinking more tap water, you are supporting your oral health and preventing damage from cavities.

That’s not to say you have to drink tap water all the time, but it is one small step you can take to improve your dental hygiene.

Clean Your Mouth

Drinking water after you eat can help wash away any lingering food particles stuck on or in between your teeth.

While there may be some food particles that require flossing, using water can proactively prevent the growth of cavities.

Cavities love to absorb the sugar that sits on your teeth after you eat. Then they produce acid that breaks down your enamel.

Avoid Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is a familiar and uncomfortable feeling that you’d rather avoid, and drinking more water is the best solution. After all, your saliva is composed of 99% water.

In addition to keeping your mouth and body hydrated, saliva is also your primary defense against bacteria that causes tooth decay.

How to Drink More Water

If you want to drink more water after learning these benefits of water for teeth, you may not know how to start.

To make drinking water a habit, you can carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. You can set goals for finishing the bottle by lunchtime, and then emptying another bottle before you go to sleep.

Is Drinking Water Good for Your Teeth and Gums?

Whatever ways you motivate yourself to drink more water will be for the benefit of your dental hygiene, as well as your overall health.

So now you don’t have to wonder, “is drinking water good for your teeth and gums?” You know that the more water you can drink, the more you protect your teeth.

If you want to take another step to improve your oral health, come visit us for a checkup and learn more tips for caring for your dental health.