What Causes Gum Disease?

Gum Disease Gum disease is one of those insidious health conditions that is often ignored because it doesn’t necessarily cause pain or discomfort. It’s not like a cavity that will provide a dramatic reminder of its presence in the form of toothaches. Despite its relatively mild set of symptoms, gum disease can have irreversible consequences….

Natural Ways to Help Prevent Periodontal Disease

Prevent Periodontal Disease Before it Starts Prevention is always preferred over treatment. When it comes to oral health, you should always defer to your dentist’s recommendation, but there are natural steps you can take in between dentist visits to maintain your oral health. Baking Soda Common household baking soda can be used in several ways…

Periodontitis, Periodontal Disease Stages

Your morning routine probably involves some mirror gazing, especially if you are brushing your teeth. When you finish brushing your teeth, and you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see healthy teeth and gums? Or, are your gums red or inflamed? Do they look swollen? Do they bleed? You may have…

A Complete Guide to Dental Scaling and Root Planing

Have you been diagnosed with periodontitis? You may be wondering what measures you can take to treat it. You want your teeth and gums to heal from gum disease. You may have heard of dental scaling and root planing, but you might not know what those terms mean. Here is some information for you on…

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