Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers and the Process
Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers and the Process

Dental Veneers and the Process

Many of us hear about cosmetic dentistry and veneers, but do you know about these dental veneers and the process?

When you look in the mirror, you should be happy with your smile. You should love what you see. You should be able to smile confidently. If you are not happy with the way you look in the mirror when you smile, you can make changes.

Dental veneers cover all sorts of issues with your teeth without the need for implants or dentures. They can also cover teeth that might need braces. Here is some information on how you can change your smile, with the help dental veneers.

What is the Definition of Veneers?

You may be asking yourself what are dental veneers? Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that a dentist places over your existing teeth. You may also wonder are veneers permanent? Unlike other cosmetic dentistry effects, the answer is yes.

Dentists have used veneers in cosmetic dentistry for nearly 100 years. A dentist in California invented them for the movie industry. Movie directors wanted teeth actors’ teeth to look different for certain parts. For example, some actors needed to wear false teeth to look like a monster. Some actors were great at acting, but their teeth didn’t look so good. They needed something to make their teeth look perfect. Gradually, these actors began going to the dentist in California for better-looking teeth. The first veneers were composite, but porcelain gives teeth a natural shine and the look of real teeth.

What Do Veneers Do?

Veneers can cover a multitude of faults in your teeth. If you have cracked teeth, veneers can cover those cracks. You might also have broken or chipped teeth. Sometimes this happens because of an accident or an injury. You also might have broken, cracked or chipped your teeth by clenching or grinding them at night. Veneers can cover these imperfections. People also use veneers to help cover teeth that are not properly spaced. Or, maybe, they have too many teeth in their mouths. Veneers can effectively cover those teeth as well. If you have discolored teeth from an accident, an injury or medication, veneers can make your teeth white again.

What Is the Process for Getting Veneers?

There is a veneers process that each patient must go through. First, you will need to meet with a cosmetic dentist. You and the dentist will discuss the color of veneers you want. He or she will help you choose the right color for your skin, hair or eyes.

Once you have selected the right color, you will need to have a mold made of your teeth. This is so the dentist can make the veneers. You want your veneers to look as much like your real teeth as possible.

When your veneers are ready, you will come in to have them placed. The dentist will grind your teeth down a little on the surface. That is so the veneers can grip your teeth more effectively. Then, he or she will cement the veneers onto your teeth. That’s all that is necessary to place veneers.

Caring for veneers is also relatively simple. You will want to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. You will also want to make sure you continue to come in for checkups. Don’t crush ice with your veneers or bite down on bottles or cans. If you take care of your veneers, they will last for a very long time.

Learn More About Dental Veneers and the Process

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