6 Insider Laser Dentistry Facts
laser dentistry facts

Laser Dentistry

Dental technologies have become so advanced that they have virtually eliminated the stress traditionally associated with going to the dentist. At the same time, they have minimized the time required for diagnosis and treatment and the weeks of waiting to get dental implants. One such technology is laser dentistry.

Here we provide you with a guide to the laser dentistry facts.

Laser Dentistry Facts

What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is the use of a laser in a surgical procedure as a cutting instrument or tissue vaporizer. Laser works by delivering high energy in the form of a concentrated beam of light, which makes it very effective for use as a high precision tool for cutting into bone, teeth, and flesh and for sealing blood vessels and nerve endings in decay removal, cavity preparation, root canal therapy, smile design, and gum and bone surgical procedures.

How is laser used in dentistry?

Dentists have to work with two types of tissues: soft tissues and hard tissues. There is a range of FDA-approved lasers for both types.

• Soft tissue lasers: These lasers have a wavelength that is easily absorbed by hemoglobin (the protein in blood that carries oxygen), which makes them every effective for use on soft tissues. They are primarily used for sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. Since no tissue is damaged in the process, the patients experience very little postoperative pain, and the wounds also heal faster.

• Hard tissue laser: These lasers have a wavelength that is easily absorbed by water and hydroxyapatite (a calcium phosphate salt that exists in bone and teeth), which makes them very effective for cutting into bones and teeth. Hard tissue lasers have a variety of uses, including removing small amounts of tooth structure, repairing worn-down dental fillings, and shaping or prepping teeth for composite bonding.

What are the six benefits of laser dentistry?

The application of lasers in dentistry has revolutionized the way dentists work and their patients receive treatment. Gone are the days when the mere thought of going to the dentist used to scare the wits out of even the bravest of people.

• Less pain and trauma: In the days before laser dentistry, the primary tool of dentists was the dental drill which produced excessive heat, vibrations, and pressure. This often resulted in pain and trauma afterward. Procedures performed using lasers are often painless and do not require anesthesia.

• Sutures (stitches) may not be required: Procedures performed on soft tissues using soft tissue lasers usually do not require sutures (stitches) because the laser penetrates the tissues without damaging them.

• Minimizes bleeding and swelling: Since the laser minimizes tissue damage and also aids in the clotting of exposed blood vessels, there is less bleeding during the procedure and less swelling afterward.

• Minimizes bacterial infection: The laser beam sterilizes the area under treatment, which effectively kills any bacteria that may be there. As a result, bacterial infection is minimized. As an example, the chance of infection after laser dentistry for cavities is virtually non-existent.

• Damages to the surrounding tissues are minimized: In traditional dentistry, surrounding tissues are often damaged during a procedure. Laser minimizes the chances of damages.

• Wounds heal faster: Since there is minimal tissue damage, the wounds heal a lot faster, and the tissues can also be regenerated.

Thus, laser dentistry makes having a dental procedure a far better experience than traditional dentistry. However, these six benefits of laser dentistry facts do apply to most individuals, some more than others, but not always for all.

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