Pediatric Dentist For Children, West Orange, NJ | Essex County
Pediatric Dentist For Children, West Orange, NJ | Essex County

Choosing the Best Pediatric Dentist is Essential

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for kids – and even some adults.

If you are looking for compassionate and skilled dentists, Suburban Essex Dental is the place. We provide the best pediatric dentist NJ has to offer and can answer any questions you have about establishing and maintaining your child’s dental health.

There are several aspects of pediatric dentistry. This is why it is important to go over various dental procedures and hygiene practices for children with the dentist. The more you know, the more you will be able to help your child maintain a winning smile in between dental visits.

What Does a Pediatric Dentist Do?

Pediatric dentists are committed to the oral health of children from infancy up to age 18 or 19. These dentists have years of experience and a number of qualifications that allow them to care for a patient’s entire mouth. A young patient’s gums and teeth are usually the focus during most dental visits. Pediatric dentists understand that the teeth and gums change significantly as a child ages.

Pediatric Dentist for Children

Babies usually begin getting teeth during the first six or seven months of life. By the time, children are six or seven years of age, they will start to lose their baby teeth. Permanent or adult teeth grow in place of the baby teeth. Permanent teeth may be shaped differently in the mouth, and will naturally be larger than baby teeth.

If a child’s teeth are not cared for properly, children can experience oral diseases and tooth or gum decay. Unfortunately, these health issues can follow children into adulthood if not treated quickly and effectively.

Pediatric dentists also have to be aware of other children’s ailments that could affect dental health. For instance, states that children who have asthma are five times more likely to get dental caries than children without asthma. The site also asserts that dental caries is actually much more common than people would think. This dental condition occurs more than hay fever.

Pediatric Dentist For Children, West Orange, Nj | Essex County

Getting Dental Care From Top Professionals

The dental team at Suburban Essex Dental is well trained and qualified to assess your child and create a customized treatment plan. Pediatric dentists have to go through four years of dental school and two additional years of residency. The residency includes specialized training geared toward infants, small children, pre-teens, teenagers, and children who have special needs.

Types of Treatment Provided

Pediatric dentists will examine a child’s teeth through x-rays or using special tools to see the teeth and gums up close. The dentist will also provide regular cleanings and fluoride treatments for children to reduce plaque and prevent cavities. In some cases, the dentist will also make nutrition or dietary recommendations that will improve a child’s dental health. These include a reduced-sugar diet or a meal plan that includes more calcium and protein.

Oral conditions are often associated with diseases, and a pediatric dentist will be able to see this. He/she will provide special recommendations for children who have oral health issues due to ADHD, autism, diabetes, asthma, hay fever and even congenital heart defects.

Are you looking for a dentist in West Orange, NJ?  Do you want the best dental care for your children? Suburban Essex Dental located in West Orange, NJ in Essex County is that dentist. We address a variety of dental issues and needs to ensure that your children have healthy and appealing smiles. Contact us by phone, email or use our easy online form for further information regarding dentistry for children, teens, and adults and to schedule an appointment.

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