How Can a Vegan Get Enough Calcium?
How Can a Vegan Get Enough Calcium?

Embrace Your Vegan Diet and Keep the Following in Mind

Calcium promotes better bone, heart, and dental health. It can prevent serious illnesses like osteoporosis. Vegans frequently find it hard to consume adequate amounts because they forgo cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and fish. If you have embraced a vegan diet, keep the following in mind:


The first meal of the day often supplies the most calcium. Some cereal and orange juice brands add it to their products. You can also benefit from pouring fortified soy milk on cereal. Likewise, most English muffins contain this substance.


Try to prepare lunches that feature kale, broccoli or collard greens. Rhubarb and spinach also provide this essential nutrient, but the body doesn’t absorb it as easily. Many breads and other baked goods deliver small amounts of calcium; consider eating a sandwich.


When you select ingredients for your next dinner, think about buying white beans, tofu or edamame. Most tortilla wraps represent significant sources of calcium, but you should take the time to look at nutritional information before choosing a product.


If you need some extra sustenance between meals, reach for vegan-friendly snacks like sunflower seeds, dried figs, and almonds. Some granola bars will also boost your intake. Peanuts and raisins offer smaller amounts of this substance.


Although it’s best not to rely on supplements for most of your nutrition, vegans can benefit from taking calcium citrate tablets. Consider buying a supplement that also contains vitamin D. It will help your body fully absorb this nutrient.

To sum it up, a vegan can get more calcium by eating various legumes, bakery items, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fortified breakfast products. Remember, you shouldn’t consume most or all of these nutrients during a single meal. The human body absorbs smaller amounts with greater success.

Dental Health

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