Start the day right with a nutritious breakfast
Start the day right with a nutritious breakfast
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The Importance of a Nutritious Breakfast

You are running late and need to get out the door fast! Wait! Don’t skip breakfast. It is the kick start for your day. Unfortunately, too many people simply grab whatever is handy – a granola bar, a doughnut, a sugary cereal.

Starting the day with a sweet breakfast isn’t a good idea for several reasons. One is that your body needs a nutritious start so that it can go strong all day. And your brain uses that nutrition to help you focus and concentrate. Another problem is that those sugary breakfasts aren’t good for your teeth. If you brush and floss then grab something as you head out the door, you probably won’t have time to brush again until lunch, if then.

So what can you do? Waking up in time to fix a healthy breakfast is one option. But in today’s hurried world, a more realistic idea might be to stock up on some quick, healthy breakfast options. Fresh fruit is always a good idea; crunchy fruits like apples and pears are better than acidic ones like citrus fruit. This naturally sweet option will give you energy but will do less harm to your teeth if you don’t have time to brush again. Cheese is another quick option, providing calcium for strong teeth.

Start your day right with a nutritious breakfast. And don’t forget to brush and floss before you head out the door.

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