What are the benefits of laser dentistry?
What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

19412831 - Face Of Beautiful Woman Showing Her TeethBenefits of Laser Dentistry

WaterLase allows dentists to perform procedures with less pain and bleeding. This is laser dentistry; this system utilizes the water molecules in your teeth to cut through. And it continuously sprays water into your mouth, this keeps it from getting hot.

Not only does laser dentistry keep away the heat, it also has other added benefits. You won’t experience the vibration or pressure of a drill, and since there are many people that dread these sensations at the dentist, this is a major benefit. There’s also a reduced need for anesthesia and for pain suppression medication.

WaterLase is an innovative technology that has been designed to not only reduce the fear of the dentist, but also make your overall experience better. It is patient-friendly, and it provides an increased accuracy for precision.

The technology can be used for decay removal, root canal therapy, cavity preparation, smile design, and gum and bone surgical procedures. This allows dentists to provide more options to their patients, and it reduces the need to see a specialist in many situations.

Laser dentistry makes going to the dentist more of a breeze. It utilizes top notch technology to provide a dental experience you don’t have to stress about.

At Suburban Essex we pride ourselves in providing excellent service for our patients. That includes utilizing laser dentistry.