Be Proactive About Avoiding Tooth Decay
Be Proactive About Avoiding Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay, Be ProActive

What you eat, how often you eat, and how much water you drink can have an enormous effect on your teeth and gums. It’s not just a matter of avoiding sodas and sugary treats – even pure organic fruit juice can put you at risk for tooth decay. And don’t be fooled into thinking that nutritious snacks are not harmful to your teeth. Just as 100% natural fruit juice can cause tooth decay, so can apples, treats made with raw honey and other healthy snacks.

Tooth decay is preventable

The good news about tooth decay is that it is preventable. There is a tremendous reward for the simple act of removing bacteria before it becomes plaque, while it’s still easy to remove. In other words, if you don’t remove the film of bacteria that continually develops in your mouth, you allow it to harden into a substance (plaque) that can attack your teeth.

Maintain a bacteria-free zone

Think of it this way: there is basically a bacteria factory in your mouth. Sugars of any kind introduce the exact conditions needed to fuel the assault on your teeth and possibly cause bad breath. Six minutes a day can stop the cycle—two minutes in the morning to brush, two minutes in the evening to brush and two minutes any time of your choosing to floss. And choose foods when you can that fight bacteria in your mouth (like fresh basil and cranberries).

Drink plenty of water

As much as possible, rinse your mouth as soon as you can after eating. And if you can’t rinse, at least drink a glass of water.

Avoid Tooth Decay and Be Proactive

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