West Orange Children’s Dentistry
West Orange Children's Dentistry

West Orange Children’s Dentistry

Dental checkups for children are just as important as those for adults, perhaps even more so. They provide an opportunity for dentists to check the health and the development of children’s teeth.

If you have children and are looking for the best West Orange Dentistry, you have come to the right place. First, we would like to let you know that Dr. Paul Feldman at Suburban Essex Dental has been rated a Top NJ Dentist by the NJ Monthly since 2012 and has not missed a year. Being rated a Top New Jersey dentist for over ten years is quite an accomplishment.

The Suburban Essex Dental office is proud to say they continue to achieve this high recognition by offering adult, teen, baby, and children’s dentistry. So, now that you know a bit about Paul Feldman and the Suburban Essex dental office, let us help you by showing you a few reasons why no parent should ever underestimate the importance of children’s dentistry.

We will explain why West Orange children’s dentistry services are essential to care for the health and development of children’s teeth and help to establish good dental habits.

West Orange Children'S Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry Prevents Pain

The pain of a toothache is bad enough for an adult to bear, but the pain can be intolerable for a child who does not understand why their tooth hurts. In addition, cavities are common in kids who do not attend regular dental checkups and can be very painful.

Save your kids from the pain of tooth decay by taking them to visit the dentist regularly. Dentists can give preventative treatments, such as fluoride varnishes, to kids at high risk of tooth decay. They can also spot a cavity as soon as it develops and take action to prevent it from getting any worse.

Children’s Dentistry Ensures Normal Tooth Development

Children’s teeth grow and shift rapidly. The first set of baby teeth appears early in childhood and then is progressively replaced with a complete set of adult teeth, followed by the wisdom teeth in the late teens or early twenties. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong during this multistage process. For example, your child might have teeth that are misaligned, twisted, or missing altogether. Some people even have an extra set of wisdom teeth.

Using dental x-rays, your dentist can get a clear picture of your child’s teeth before they emerge from the gums. Using these images, they can predict any issues likely to arise with crowding or misplacement of teeth. Then, if necessary, your dentist can refer your child for orthodontic treatment to correct these problems.

Children’s Dentistry Establishes Good Routines

Children need to get used to dental appointments while they are still young. Children with good early experiences at the dentist are less likely to develop dental phobias and anxieties preventing them from accessing dental care later in life. Dentists can also help children establish good routines with brushing and flossing that will help to protect their teeth.

To help your child become comfortable with visiting the dentist, be sure to choose a dentist specializing in children’s dentistry in a dental practice that provides a welcoming environment for kids.

Now Choose Suburban Essex Dental for Your West Orange Dentistry Services

Dr. Paul Feldman at the West Orange Children’s Dentistry office offers children the perfect warm and welcoming environment. Contact our office to schedule an appointment so we can show you why children love coming to visit Dr. Paul Feldman and our friendly staff.

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