10 Types of Dental Plans. Let’s Help You Choose
10 Types of Dental Plans. Let’s Help You Choose

Dental insurance is something that everyone should have. While it may not be as important as car or home insurance, it’s a great asset. That’s because dental and orthodontic work can be costly. There are many dental insurance companies with a variety of dental plans you can choose from. Let us help you make decisions about dental insurance.

Here is information about some commonly used insurance policies.


Aetna offers several dental insurance policies. The plans have different deductibles for dental work, as well as different co-pays. One plan has the same deductibles and co-pays for in-network and out-of-network dentists. The active plan charges different rates for in-network and out-of-network dental offices. One of the most cost-effective plans offers 100 percent coverage of checkups and cleanings. However, there is a 50 percent payment plan for other visits.


Assurant dental offers three types of plans. The basic plan covers preventative dental care for twice-yearly visits and has a flexible payment system for additional procedures. The intermediate plan has a $1,000 benefit for other dental work plus 100 percent coverage of preventative dental services. The plus plan has $1,500 benefit in addition to 100 percent coverage for preventative dental visits.


CareCredit is not dental insurance. Instead, it’s credit card people use to pay for all kinds of medical plans. You need to apply for a CareCredit card. If approved, you will receive credit and a card. Then, you can use it for any kind of dental procedure you want. You can use the card for cleanings, orthodonture, or other dental procedures, such as having a crown put in. Many people use CareCredit in addition to their other dental insurance.

Cigna Dental

Cigna has a dental plan that covers in-network dental procedures at a higher percentage than out-of-network dentists. The dental plan covers any preventative and diagnostic work at the dentist’s office 100 percent. The insurance company covers additional dental work in a percentage based on the amount of money you pay per month. One of the best things about Cigna Dental is that the plan has so many dentists. You can find one wherever you are in the world.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental is the largest dental insurance company in the United States. It offers an HMO and a PPO plan. Researchers say these dental plans are among the most budget-friendly in the country. The HMO is great if your dentist is in the network. You see all costs upfront, as well as an explanation of what the company will pay. The PPO plan allows you to choose your provider.


GEHA is a dental insurance plan for federal employees and retirees. There is a regular option plan and a plus plan. To qualify, you must be a federal employee, family member, or retiree.


On the surface, Guardian’s dental plans look much like the other dental plans mentioned. However, one of the best things about this plan is the rollover benefit. Your unused dental dollars are eligible to roll over into the next year. This is a great way to save money for a future procedure.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield offers two types of dental plans. The HMO is available at a low cost, but you have to use an in-network provider. The PPO provides free dental exams and cleanings but also gives you discounts for fillings, crowns, and root canals.


MetLife also has HMOs and PPOs for dental insurance. The company allows you to pick your dentist. It pays for all your cleanings and X-rays. It will also pay for other procedures at a percentage until you reach your limit for the year. This can be as much as $1,500.

United Concordia

United Concordia has HMOs and PPOs as well. Like other dental insurance companies, the HMOs are cheaper by the month. However, you have to use the company’s in-network dentists. The PPO is more expensive, but you may pay less out of pocket if you have to have a procedure.

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