How TMJ Pain and Migraine Headaches Are Connected
How TMJ Pain and Migraine Headaches Are Connected

When most people tend to think of causes of migraine headaches, they don’t consider that problems with their teeth and jaws may be a factor. If you suffer from TMJ pain, a misaligned bite, or impacted wisdom teeth, treating those issues may also put an end to any migraines you’re having. Here’s more about the dental problems that can lead to migraine headaches.

Causes of TMJ Pain

TMJ pain has two main causes: clenching of the jaw and bruxism, or grinding of the teeth.


If you develop the habit of grinding your teeth, you’re likely to do so in a time of stress or during your sleep. As reported by, Tooth grinding can lead to muscle spasms and inflammation that can cause pain in the joints.


When you engage in activities like chewing a pencil or chewing on gum, that, according to, can cause pain in the joints.

Bite Misalignment

Another major TMJ issue that can lead to a migraine headache is a misaligned bite. When you’re missing a tooth or your teeth are out of line in some way, shape, or form, WebMD states that this can cause your TMJ joints to have to work more to open and close your mouth.

The International Center of Nutritional Research reported that if the expansion and contraction joints between skull bones are distorted, then any changes in pressure can trigger a migraine headache. Pressure changes can come from incoming weather fronts or from riding in an airplane.

When your joints have to work harder due to biting misalignment, this can lead to pain in the TMJs, which in turn can become a migraine.

How Tmj Pain And Migraine Headaches Are Connected

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When your wisdom teeth become impacted or grow in an incorrect angle, it can lead to inflammation at the rear of the mouth. The Migraine Relief Center states, “this inflammation can affect the trigeminal nerve, which runs past the nerves to the jaw and is commonly associated with migraine pain”.

In closing, having issues with your jaw joints can contribute to migraine headaches. To learn more, contact a dental professional to learn how to best treat migraine headaches linked to TMJ pain.

TMJ and Migraine Headaches

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