5 Best Foods For Dental Health
5 Best Foods For Dental Health

Best Foods For Dental Health

Researchers have found strong links between gum disease and heart disease. Individuals who have gum disease are almost twice as likely to have heart disease as those with healthy gums.

Similarly, gum disease has a strong connection to diabetes. Oral health care is therefore essential for overall health at any age but is especially so for seniors. Along with your dental hygiene habits, you should ensure that your diet includes foods that are conducive to a healthy mouth. Here we list the 5 best foods for dental health.

Good Food For Teeth


Dairy products are among the best options for dental health. Note that dairy products also come with some adverse health effects if you go overboard so be careful if you have issues with high cholesterol.

One of the main benefits of food items like cheese and yogurt is that they provide calcium, which your teeth need. The calcium in your food replaces the calcium that your teeth lose consistently. Too little calcium in your diet results in tooth decay. When it comes to yogurt and yogurt-like foods such as kefir and skyr, not only do you get the benefit of calcium, you also get good bacteria that can kill the bacteria that cause dental caries.

What Foods Clean Your Teeth?

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens help to keep your teeth clean. As a fiber-rich food, they cause your mouth to produce more saliva. Saliva contains small amounts of calcium and phosphate, which come from the food that you eat. Both of these minerals are important for healthy teeth. Many of the other nutrients found in healthy greens are also valuable for tooth and gum health.

Drinks That Are Good For Your Teeth


While the tannins in tea can stain your teeth, it also happens to be one of the healthiest drinks when it comes to oral health. Tea is good because of the polyphenols it contains. The same polyphenols that are believed to reduce your risk of heart disease and other health problems are also effective for fighting bacteria that cause tooth decay. Both green and black teas are rich in polyphenols and thus useful for protecting your teeth.

What Food Makes Your Teeth Stronger?


While seafood does not usually show up on lists of foods for healthy teeth, it should. Salmon is especially good for your teeth since it contains a significant amount of vitamin D, which is vital for strong teeth. Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Sweeten with Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar-free sweetener that has long been used in candies and gums. Xylitol’s application in baking is not as well known, but it is great for that purpose as well. You can use it as a 1:1 substitute for sugar, which means that you don’t have to figure out a formula to get the right amount of sweetness. Xylitol helps to protect your teeth by increasing the production of saliva, which helps to reduce the number of bacteria that cause tooth decay.

None of the 5 best foods for dental health tips above will guarantee perfect oral health, but they can lower your risk of losing teeth to decay and other related health issues. Remember, all things in moderation and always consult with your doctor first. Take it easy on bad sugary foods and follow oral hygiene practices like brushing your teeth three times a day as well as daily flossing. Making the right food decisions can help to preserve your teeth and ensure that your gums remain healthy.

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