Healthy Children’s Dental Hygiene at Each Age
Healthy Children’s Dental Hygiene at Each Age

Children’s Dental Hygiene

If you have children, you know how important dental health is. You probably already know that children’s teeth are vital for their future dental health. Some people think that children don’t need dental care until their permanent teeth come in. You know that baby teeth set them up for dental health. They give permanent teeth a healthy path to follow. If children have poor dental hygiene early in their lives, their permanent teeth may not come in at all. That’s why it’s so important to practice good children’s dental hygiene for kids.

What Age Should A Child Go to The Dentist?


How often should a child see a dentist? A dentist will most likely say he or she should see the child twice a year for life.

And, at what age should a child start going to the dentist? Dentists agree that a baby’s first dental visit should happen when an infant’s first tooth appears. This might occur at 6 months of age. Some children do not get a tooth in until they are nearly a year old. If your child still doesn’t have his or her first tooth by the age of 1, make an appointment.

Dental care for babies usually means that the dentist will talk to you about cleaning your child’s gums. Once the teeth begin to appear, you can brush them with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste for infants. Also, the dentist may want to talk with you about your baby’s diet. He or she wants to get to know your baby, so he or she is comfortable with the dentist.

When Should Toddlers Start Brushing Their Teeth?

If you are the parents of a toddler, you already know they are independent. They want to do everything themselves. You can begin letting toddlers practice brushing their teeth as soon as they express the willingness to do so. However, you will want to check their work and make sure their teeth are clean. Make sure they clean their back teeth as well.

You will want to continue bringing your toddler to the dentist. Twice a year, we will want to check your toddler’s teeth to make sure the teeth are coming in. We will want to talk to you about his or her diet. We want to make sure he or she is beginning to develop good dental habits.

Healthy Children’s Dental Hygiene At Each Age

Child Dental Care Tips

When your child reaches school age, he or she can brush his or her teeth. However, he or she may not always want to. Make sure to check on him or her. You want to ensure he or she is brushing and flossing every day. Let your child see how important good dental health is. When your child has reached elementary school age, you are your child’s best teacher for good habits. If you’re able to teach your child good habits early, he or she will keep those dental habits for life.

As with babies and toddlers, we will want to see your school-aged children twice a year. This age is particularly important because a child’s permanent teeth are coming in. We may be able to spot potential problems before they become orthodontic problems. The earlier we spot trouble, the better for your child.


Adolescents already know how to care for their mouths. However, we still need to see them twice a year. If they have orthodontic work, it is really important to keep that clean. We may need to work with them on keeping their braces as clean as possible. That way, when their braces come off, they will be able to see their beautiful white teeth.

Healthy Children’s Dental Hygiene At Each Age

Get Your Children’s Dental Hygiene on Track

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