Warning Signs of Oral Cancer?
Warning Signs of Oral Cancer?

Knowing The Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is the cause of at least one death every hour of the day in America. That totals up to 9,750 deaths per year. This demonstrates a lack of early identification that could save thousands if they only knew the warning signs. This article will list the different ways of identifying oral cancer for the lives of thousands of people to be saved. These warning signs of oral cancer can save lives.


Many peoples’ first thought when they think of oral cancer would not be the lips; however, if one begins to feel a particular dryness or textured crustiness on their lips, they should begin to check for the other warning signs that something is amiss rather than dismissing their dry lips as simply being chapped.


Velvety discolored patches should be taken note of when found inside one’s mouth. Persistent sores are a common symptom of oral cancer.


Tenderness, sores, and bumps that will bleed and continue to do so for extended lengths of time could be a number of dental hygiene issues but are also strongly aligned with symptoms of vicious oral cancer.


If one can feel spots of erosion on their inner cheeks, this is a symptom of a larger problem. You should monitor your inner cheeks closely if you feel a differentiation in the average smoothness.


If you cannot shake the feeling of there being something in the back of your throat that will not go away, this could be a cause for concern. This feeling in tandem with the growing feeling of not being able to swallow, move your tongue, or move your jaw, is an issue that should lead you immediately to the nearest emergency room in order to be examined.

Routinely Check To Know The Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

For there to be active prevention of growing health issues that could lead to death, ensure that you consistently get oral examinations. Oral cancer does not only arise in people that smoke or get too much sun exposure; you might be predisposed genetically regardless of your healthy life choices. You should routinely make certain that you are not at risk for oral cancer-related death under the care of a doctor.

Dr. Paul Feldman at Suburban Essex Dental specializes in oral cancer screenings. Contact the office located on Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, NJ to set up your consultation. Early screenings are essential to be aware of any warning signs of oral cancer and to maintain a healthy mouth.