7 Easy Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating
7 Easy Tips to Avoid Boredom Eating

When do you eat? At mealtimes? When you’re hungry? In an ideal world, perhaps. However, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, our world is a bit different; therefore are you trying to avoid boredom eating?

In reality, under normal circumstances, we eat a lot more often when we’re meeting a friend for coffee, when we’re passing the vending machine and notice it has our favorite snack, or just because we are passing through the kitchen and there happens to be food there.

And now most of us a stuck at home, zooming with family and friends, watching TV for long hours and walking into our own kitchens much more than we normally do. Boredom has set in for many.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the most dangerous type of snacking is so-called boredom eating – when you’re idle, maybe killing time, and end up eating just for something to do.

It’s an easy habit to fall into. If you work in an office, you’ve likely been told to take regular breaks from your computer, and where better to go for a five-minute walk than the coffee bar? If you’re based at home during the day, it takes an iron will not to sneak into the kitchen for a nibble when you’ve hit the mid-morning slump.

If you struggle with boredom eating and want to break the habit, here are some tips that may help:

Hide Food

It may sound too simple to make a difference, but research has shown that when food is visible, people are more likely to eat it. So move the candy from the counter to the cupboard and keep the chips out of sight.

Keep Snacks Out Of Reach

If you want to take this even further, try putting snacks completely out of reach. Do you really want the chocolate so badly that you’ll drag a chair over to reach it?

Ditch Unhealthy Snacks and Replace With Healthy

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. If you hit the kitchen and the only thing you see is a bunch of grapes, you’re almost guaranteed to snack on a few, which will help you hit your five a day!

How About an Apple

Keep an apple, or another healthy food item, at your desk. Chances are you’ll eat it just because it’s there, and you’re less likely to pick up something else to eat if you’re already eating.

Catch Yourself In a Mirror

Put some mirrors in the places that you tend to snack. This trick is recommended by psychologists – catching a glimpse of that belly you’ve meant to shed will make you think twice about opening that candy bar, and actually seeing yourself in the act of eating can be off-putting enough to make you stop, especially if it’s something unhealthy. If you mainly snack at work, you may want to ask your office manager to take care of this one, so your coworkers don’t just think you’re a narcissist!

Opt-out Of Buying Snacks

Don’t buy the snacks in the first place. Why put temptation in your way? This is more of a challenge if you have kids and need to have convenient snacks on hand. If this is the case, try to identify some snacks that your kids like, but you don’t.

Shop Online

Buy your groceries online. You’re much less likely to impulse-buy unhealthy foods when you’re not walking past them.

Are You Eating Out of Boredom?

Boredom eating can not only be unhealthy and cause weight gain, but it can also be dangerous to dental health which can cause an array of dental health problems.

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