Chat Now! Virtual Dental Consultation with an Online Dentist
Virtual Dental Consultation with an Online Dentist

Virtual Dental Consultation

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the closing of businesses in New Jersey, we are still closed (April 2020). We will open when the criteria can be met for providing the highest level of dental care, and the conditions are as safe as possible for our staff and patients. We will continue to follow the strict guidelines of the CDC, the NJ Dental Association, as well as the State of New Jersey.

While we are closed and following social distancing orders, we are still keeping busy. We are happy to say that our staff is still fully employed.

See what we have been doing to help serve you better when we open.

Please continue to read to see how to Schedule a Teledoc Appointment for virtual dental consultations. During this unprecedented time, there is no reason to stress over your dental care. We are here to help you in the comfort of your own home.

How We Will Serve You Better

1. To ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we have purchased ultraviolet surface cleaners, touchless soap, and sanitizer dispensers as well as items to enhance our air filtration system for better indoor air quality. Many of these items are on backorder; however, we are hopeful that they will arrive soon.

2. To allow for social distancing among patients when we open, we are considering changing our schedule to separate patient appointments with fewer people in the office at any given time.

3. We may also institute a “curbside check-in”. This will allow a patient to text the office when they arrive and remain in their car until we are ready to serve them. This will keep people from waiting in the waiting room.

4. Wellness forms will be sent to all patients on the day of their appointment by email and text. These forms will confirm the patient has no signs or symptoms of the COVID-19 virus.

Our Virtual Dentist Is Ready To Speak With You Now!

Last but not least, take a look at our website. We have launched a portal for virtual dental consultations. Go to our homepage at Suburban Essex Dental and in the upper right corner click on:

Schedule Teledoc Appointment

For now, this is a complimentary scheduled 15-minute virtual dental consultation using Zoom with Dr. Feldman. Here you can discuss any concerns or questions you have regarding your dental health, the impacts of COVID 19 on your dental care, or even if you want to say hello! Presently, there is no fee for these consultations. (April 2020)

We hope all of you and your families are healthy and safe and will continue to be compliant with the current guidelines. Eventually, this will get better….it has to!!

Dr. Paul Feldman and Staff