Stuck at Home, Why Dental Care Matters
Stuck at Home? Why Dental Care Matters

Why Dental Care Matters

While most dentist offices are closed during this unprecedented time, experts are saying it is most important to maintain good oral hygiene.

It is advised to maintain a daily routine of brushing teeth properly two times per day and to floss once per day to prevent tooth decay. An unexpected cavity can develop quickly. It can become painful during this time when most dentists will be closed. These daily dental routines are vital at a time when you are not visiting the hygienist for a cleaning or the dentist for a checkup.

The dental team at Suburban Essex Dental has a few recommendations for products that can be purchased on Amazon. These products will help you to keep your mouth healthy during this unprecedented time.

  1. Electric toothbrush offers the highest level of cleaning
  2. Mouthwash twice a day to help reduce plaque buildup which can lead to inflammation.
  3. Use a Waterpik daily to get rid of the unwanted buildup of food. A good Waterpik will remove 99.9 percent of plaque buildup and can be used for braces, implants and more.
  4. Use a total Fluoride Toothpaste. While stuck at home this will leave your mouth fresh and clean and will help prevent tartar and plaque buildup.
  5. Deep Clean Floss will effectively remove plaque from hard to get areas as well as below the gum line.

The entire dental team at Suburban Essex Dental cares about you. We hope to be back open soon. We will, however, continue to provide any emergency dental needs and are available by phone should an emergency arise.  If you call our office at 973-669-0500, select option #2, your phone call will come directly to me. That option is available 7 days per week.  Should that need arise, we may elect to screen you for any evidence of contracting the virus (fever, recent travel, etc.).

We do not take these decisions lightly.  We are making this decision with the health of our employees and the community involved.

We wish you all well and stay safe. Hope you to see you all soon.