Dental Health Tips For a Great Smile
dental health tips

Dental Health Tips For A Great SmileDental Health Tips

There are many reasons to care for your teeth. When your teeth and mouth are unhealthy, your body can have an adverse reaction. Some of these negative side effects could include bad breath, tooth loss, infections and even health issues, if the bacteria gets into your bloodstream.

Bad oral health can hurt you in the job market and the dating world, because your smile makes an impression. A beautiful smile can leave a great impression, where as foul breath or missing teeth can leave an unfavorable impression on others.

Most of us know the typical rules, floss once a day, brush twice and get a dental cleaning twice a year. However, even if you’re following these rules, you may be missing a few things.

Take a look at a few dental health tips below.


If your brushing routine is super fast, it may not be doing the job. You should devote two minutes every time you brush. It’s not a race, so slow down. Use circular motions and be sure to get everywhere, the top, front and back of your teeth, and even your tongue (or invest in a tongue scraper). When brushing, it’s also a good idea to angle your brush facing the gum line. Keep in mind, an electric toothbrush can often do a better job than a manual one, so you may want to consider making the switch. And take a look at your toothpaste. You should see fluoride as an ingredient. Fluoride works to get rid of germs and protect teeth.


Be sure you’re flossing correctly, too. If you’re using regular floss, it’s a good idea to focus on each tooth and use the floss to slide along each side. Be generous with your floss, using a clean section in between each set of teeth. If regular floss is too difficult, there are other options that can be used instead, such as a water flosser or floss pick. Just be sure you’re doing this once a day, because it’s an important part of a dental routine.

Drink Water

Another thing you should try to get in the habit of is drinking water after you eat. This is especially helpful when you have something acidic or sugary. This way, less acid and sugar remain on your teeth.

Additional Dental Health Tips

These are just a few ways you can promote better oral health. If you want additional tips, talk with your dentist, who can help you establish the best dental health plan for you.

Also, we invite you to come and see us for additional services. We go way beyond dental cleanings and offer various services to help you look your best. You can get a professional whitening treatment, have gaps and chips covered up by veneers and benefit from straighter teeth with ClearCorrect aligners (it’s almost invisible). Contact Suburban Essex Dental to learn more about any of these services. It is our ultimate goal to have you leave with a cleaner and  brighter smile!