Get a Brighter Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening
Get a Brighter Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Get a Brighter Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

Your teeth become discolored for a variety of reasons, including drinking coffee, smoking, eating dark-colored foods, and not brushing them often enough. They can also take on a yellow appearance just from normal aging.

Professional Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic enhancement that produces long-lasting results. Dentists who offer this service can increase the brightness of your smile by many shades.

Over-the-Counter Remedies

Most drugstores sell tooth whitening kits or toothpaste that promise to brighten your teeth and improve your smile. The problem is these kits can be difficult and messy to use while the toothpaste usually doesn’t produce the desired results. This is what leads people to search for professional teeth whitening in the first place. Some people may also try home remedies, such as baking soda and lemon juice, to remove staining from the teeth without much success.

What to Expect with Professional Teeth Whitening

Several manufacturers have created teeth whitening systems for use by dentists across the country. The process is generally the same regardless of the specific brand your dentist uses. During your first visit, the dentist takes an impression of your upper and lower rows of teeth so a laboratory can create customized mouth trays. When you return for your second visit, the dentist fills each tray with bleaching gel. You will sit with them in your mouth for up to an hour.

Bleaching gel contains hydrogen and carbamide peroxide that brightens your enamel at the deepest layers. With home remedies, you’re only cleaning the surface level of your teeth. The stains may fade, but they won’t disappear entirely.

Most dentists also give patients the option of whitening their teeth at home with a kit provided by the dental office. This is more economical and can be a good option for people whose schedule makes it difficult to visit the dentist more than once in a short time. However, you do need to come in for an initial evaluation so your dentist can assess the degree of tooth discoloration and take impressions for your customized mouth trays. He or she provides you with detailed instructions for home use as well.

You Don’t Have to Be a Movie Star to Get a Beautiful Smile

Professional teeth whitening has been popular for decades among actors, actresses, and others who rely heavily on their public image to make a living. It’s now a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that anyone can get. If you’re interested in a brighter smile, google “dentists near me” to find the best dentist, view their website and make sure you read their reviews.

When searching it is important to know that what works for one person may not work for another. That is why you must find a dentist who has the expertise and knowledge to whiten your teeth in the best possible way. At Suburban Essex Dental, we are that dentist! We offer professional advice, supervision, and checkups to ensure that you receive the highest level of teeth whitening while maintaining the strength and character of your teeth.

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Get A Brighter Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening
Get A Brighter Smile With Professional Teeth Whitening 1