Jerseys Choice Top Dentist Near South Orange NJ
Jerseys Choice Top Dentist Near South Orange NJ

See Why Choosing a Jerseys Choice Top Dentist Near South Orange NJ Is Vital

First, before we discuss the services, Dr. Paul Feldman, at Suburban Essex Dental provides, let’s start by saying, after asking over 6.000 New Jersey dentists which of the fellow dentists they consider to be the best practitioners, Dr. Paul Feldman has been chosen as a “Jerseys Choice for Top Dentist” with the New Jersey Monthly since 2012. Nine years later and still getting the votes and will continue to do so year after year.

Dental Services Provided Near South Orange NJ

Tooth decay is one of the most prevalent chronic issues for adults. For something that is so preventable, it costs people thousands of dollars a year.

If you are looking for a reliable dentist near South Orange, NJ, and want to improve your oral health, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about the services offered by Suburban Essex Dental. 

Preventative Dentistry 

One of the main services that we offer is preventative care. Not only does this include checkups and cleanings, but Dr. Feldmen at Suburban Essex Dental makes it a priority to screen for oral cancer as part of his preventative dentistry.

Oral cancer is frightening, but with regular checkups, our team will ensure that you have great oral health. Suburban Essex Dental is the best place to receive preventative dental care in South Orange, NJ, and surrounding areas. 

Emergency Dental Care

If you are in immediate need of dental care, you want a dentist who will help as soon as possible. Suburban Essex Dental includes emergency dental care services to patients in South Orange and neighboring towns. 

You never know when you will experience a dental emergency. Whether you have a broken, chipped, or cracked tooth, a loose or knocked out tooth, or even a severe toothache, the professionals at Suburban Essex Dental can help you!

Oral Surgery

Another important service you should look for in a dentist is if they offer oral surgery. Oral surgery includes tooth extraction, dental implants, and more. These can be painful and expensive procedures.

Because oral surgery can be so expensive, you will want to find good dental insurance. Dental insurance costs people about $360 a year on average. However, this insurance will be helpful if you need more expensive procedures done. 

Some dental offices, like Suburban Essex Dental, also include financing options to help ease your financial burden!

Pediatric Dentistry

Jerseys Choice Top Dentist Near South Orange Nj

Great References and Reviews

It can be difficult to find a reliable dentist in the South Orange area. Luckily, Dr. Feldman at Suburban Essex Dental has great references and reviews online! Check out our patient testimonials and see how our team can help you today.

Other Services

Suburban Essex Dental provides many other services that will help you improve your dental health! With our WaterLase system, we offer laser dentistry that treatments virtually painless. These include decay removal, root canal therapy, and more.

We also offer custom teeth whitening kits and different dental products, making your smile look better than ever. Whatever dental service you need, our team is the best for the job!

Dentist Near South Orange, NJ You Can Trust

It can be difficult to find a dentist that you can trust. If you are looking for a dentist near South Orange, NJ, Suburban Essex Dental can help! Many of our patients come from the South Orange community. The distance can be a mere 3-5 miles to our West Orange dental office. Our team provides the best dental services for our patients, no matter where you are located or what type of dental work is needed.

Our staff cares about your safety, your experience, and will do anything to make you feel comfortable. Contact Suburban Essex Dental today to book an appointment!