Beautiful woman pointing on her perfect white teeth.Chipped teeth aren’t uncommon; however, they aren’t attractive either. And, sometimes they can be uncomfortable, depending how bad the chip is.

Several things can cause a tooth to get chipped. It could occur from something hitting your teeth with force. Things like being in an accident or playing sports when you’re not using mouth protection could result in a chip. Even pulling your glass up to your face too fast and hitting your tooth could potentially cause a chip. Grinding your teeth can result in a chip and so can chewing on ice.

Your enamel is tough, but some things can weaken it, making it more vulnerable to chipping. Things like cavities, grinding, and acidic foods can increase your risk of chipping teeth.

What should you do if you chip a tooth? Visit our office! We can determine how bad the chip is, and can recommend any necessary treatment. If your chip is minor, you may only need your tooth smoothed out a bit. However, if the chip is worse, a crown or veneer could be recommended.

If the chip is more severe, you’re more likely to experience symptoms such as sensitivity to extreme temperatures or pain. But there are many chips that don’t cause symptoms. In either case, it’s a good idea to let us take a look to evaluate the condition of your tooth.

Are you dealing with a chipped tooth? We invite you to contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss with you possible treatment options and find a solution that best fits your needs.

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