What It Means When You’re Waking up With Jaw Pain on One Side
What It Means When You're Waking up With Jaw Pain on One Side

Are you concerned and wondering why you are waking up with jaw pain on one side?

It’s common to wake up with sore muscles the day after a tough workout. You might feel stiff, but there’s a clear explanation for your pain. 

When you wake up in pain but you don’t know why that’s a different story. The not-knowing is sometimes worse than the pain. 

If you’ve been waking up with jaw pain on one side, you’re probably wondering what’s going on.

The good news is, there’s a simple explanation for most types of jaw pain. Read on to learn what your jaw pain symptoms might mean and how to treat it. 

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD) 

A common cause of jaw pain is teeth grinding, which can damage the jaw joint. It’s also part of a larger issue called TMJD.

The temporomandibular joint or TMJ is what connects your jaw to your skull. These hinge joints sit just in front of your ears. TMJDs refer to problems related to the jaw muscles, nerves, or the joint itself. 

An estimated 5 to 12% of people deal with TMJ disorders. The most common cause of TMJDs is teeth grinding, but bad posture, jaw misalignment, stress, and even gum chewing can cause it. 

If you have tooth sensitivity or you hear popping or clicking sounds when you open your mouth, your jaw pain might be from a TMJD. Luckily, TMJ therapy including bite guards and dental splints can provide relief. 

Dental Issues

Dental problems like cavities, gum disease, or damaged teeth can also cause jaw pain. An untreated cavity will eventually affect the root, which can cause radiating pain to your jaw.  

If you wake up with intense jaw pain and swelling on one side, it could be a sign of an abscess. A dental abscess happens when a tooth or an area of your gums get infected. 

If you think your jaw pain might be caused by a dental problem, make a dentist appointment right away. It’s best to deal with the problem right away, as ignoring it will only make it worse. 

Sinus Inflammation and Headaches

Sometimes jaw pain is actually a symptom of a sinus headache. Our sinuses are small pockets of air that protect us from germs by producing mucus. But, weather changes and seasonal allergies can lead to sinus inflammation. 

If you wake up congested with jaw pain on one side, it could be a sign of a cold or a sinus infection. 

When is Waking Up With Jaw Pain on One Side Dangerous?

Most of the time, jaw pain is uncomfortable but it’s not an emergency health risk.

In some serious cases, jaw pain can be a symptom of a heart attack, especially in women. This type of jaw pain usually comes along with other symptoms like chest pressure, nausea, shortness of breath, or cold sweats. 

Make a Dentist Appointment Today

If you’ve been waking up with jaw pain on one side, you could be suffering from one of the common issues above. But, it’s not a comprehensive list. If you have frequent jaw pain, you should visit a medical professional to find the cause. 

If you think your jaw pain is coming from your teeth, gums, or TMJ, Suburban Essex Dental can help. With the right care, your jaw pain will soon be a distant memory. If you’re looking for great dental service from a totally dedicated and caring team, contact us today.