Why Are My Teeth All Of A Sudden So Sensitive?
Why Are My Teeth All Of A Sudden So Sensitive?

Enamel’s Role in Protecting Your Teeth

The most common cause of sensitive teeth is brushing with more force than needed or the bristles of the toothbrush are too stiff. Over time what keeps teeth protected can get worn down. Teeth are built with a layer of protection called enamel, and when it wears off, one can become increasingly sensitive to things like hot or cold drinks, sugary, or acidic foods. When the protection is worn off, your teeth have microscopic hollow tubes that connect directly to the nerve that becomes exposed.

Teeth can also become sensitive if a person grinds their teeth at night. This is known as bruxism. Grinding your teeth also wears down enamel. It opens up the dentin, or hollow parts of the tooth connecting to the nerve. If you use alcohol-based mouthwash or whitening toothpaste, they can make your teeth more sensitive with excessive use.

Always watch out for signs of a dental problem. Dental pain can be a sign of gum disease or even oral cancer. Schedule an appointment with your dentist so that tooth pain can be checked. Better to always be safe than sorry.

What can be done if I have sensitive teeth?

The first step to addressing your tooth pain is to get a soft-bristled brush. Lightly brush your teeth. Gently cover all your teeth.

If you grind your teeth at night, visit your dentist to get fitted for a night mouthguard. Your dentist will customize a mouthguard for the perfect fit. Many insurance companies will cover the cost. Another option would be to purchase a general mouthguard at the store. One which you boil, bite, and it sets, however in the case of grinding teeth, they are not recommended. A custom mold made at the dentist’s office will be more comfortable and more effective.

Switch from regular toothpaste to a sensitive teeth brand. Also, stop the teeth whitening toothpaste which can cause sensitivity alone. Swap your alcohol-based mouth wash to a fluoride-based one. If you are still experiencing pain, then it’s time to see a dentist to make sure the sensitivity is not caused by gum disease.

Dealing with pain in teeth can be frustrating. It makes it hard to enjoy foods and can be a distraction to everyday life. After using the tips above, if you still are feeling tenderness, please give your dental office a call.

Get Help For Your Sensitive Teeth

If you are looking for a top-rated dentist, contact Dr. Paul Feldman, Suburban Essex Dental. The Dr. and his team will be happy to assist you in figuring out what is causing your teeth sensitivity and will come to a quick solution. The dental office is located in West Orange, New Jersey, Essex County