West Orange Family Dentistry Rated Top NJ Dentist
West Orange Family Dentistry Rated Top NJ Dentist

Family Dentistry in West Orange

When you choose a top-rated dentist for your West Orange Family Dentistry needs, you’re choosing a dedicated dentist team that is focused on helping you have a healthy mouth with a beautiful smile.

When it comes to maintaining your oral health, you should aim for the best. That means not only practicing proper brushing and flossing techniques at home but also regularly visiting our dental office led by one of the best dentists in NJ based on his approach to patients and polished skills. 

Read on for more reasons to trust the care of your teeth to our dental practice…

Experience Counts

Dr. Paul R. Feldman is part of our long tradition of quality care for West Orange Family Dentistry services. The Suburban Essex Dental practice was actually started by his father in 1943, and he took it over 40 years later. Aside from a university education, Dr. Feldman also has the distinction of a Fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. 

Dr. Feldman had a mission to continue the same care that his father earned a positive reputation for, while also focusing on some of the newest techniques in the dental industry. It’s no surprise that he and our team have been recognized by peers several times, as well as by the Consumer Research Council

A Wide Variety of Dental Services

West Orange Family Dentistry
West Orange Family Dentistry Rated Top Nj Dentist 1

In terms of dental services offered for West Orange Family Dentistry, our Suburban Essex Dental team has you covered—from preventative dentistry including routine cleanings and screening for oral cancer to dental implants and dental crowns.

However, the list of services doesn’t end there. Our practice also specializes in gentle pediatric dentistry for young patients and can help you achieve a better smile through teeth whitening or adult braces (Invisalign.) 

We can help ease jaw pain through our treatment of TMJ issues while protecting your mouth from damage by providing sports guards for both amateurs and professionals. 

Even if you’ve lost your reason to smile due to damaged teeth, we can help bring it back through our comprehensive restorative dentistry. 

The Newest Equipment

West Orange Family Dentistry
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Aside from experience dealing with patients of all ages, our office is equipped with some of the most advanced tools in the dental field. For example, we use digital x-rays that dramatically cut down on radiation exposure compared to traditional x-rays.

We also can use virtual modeling for same-day solutions that fit your mouth specifically. Our laser dentistry is another recent addition, allowing our team to almost painlessly target tooth decay and perform root canal therapy. 

Speaking of pain, we also have a painless way to administer anesthesia for procedures. The Wand can be used for those who are fearful of needles, and it doesn’t have any negative after-effects. 

And let’s not forget the current times we are all experiencing during this pandemic. Our office has implemented strict protocols with new disinfecting equipment to keep both patients and staff safe.

Online Virtual Dental Consultations

West Orange Family Dentistry
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As an added bonus we have recently started to provide virtual dental consultations online. Click here to learn more about how you can chat with our dentist online.

West Orange Family Dentistry Services Has Your Family Covered

As a family dental office, our team can take care of patients of all ages. We can also offer a wide variety of dental procedures thanks to our experienced dentist, Dr. Paul R. Feldman, who has been recognized as one of the best in the area. 

Learn more about our services and the newest technology in our office to make your visit easier by contacting us today. 

Dr. Paul R. Feldman has been voted “NJ Top Dentists” for the past 8 years and still going strong.